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Welcome to The Kawaii Files, a skin care and beauty passion project curated by me. My name's Haruna, and I'm a 19-year-old Song of Ice and Fire fan based in Nagoya, Japan.

Take it from me: I am no beauty addict or skin care junkie. I'm more of a gal who would gladly go for days without ever washing her face out of laziness, but alas! My skin condition does not permit me this luxury.

I started to foray into skin care at a pretty young age (14 years young!). Before that time, I was getting along fine with my skin, happily satisfied with using an antibacterial body soap as a "face wash" and powdered milk as an "exfoliator".

And THEN the acne happened.

Having acne was what did it for me. When I started having these annoying red bumps all over my face, I quickly realized that the old bar soaps I had and the methods of "skin care" that I knew just won't cut it anymore.

I had to up my skin care game, so I pushed myself to learn how skin works, why I'm having the condition, and what solutions are available for me. Because while having acne didn't hold me back from pursuing the things I am passionate about, it was still exasperating af to have these big-ass, painful red spots occupying my face, and no matter what I tried, it just kept getting worse year after year.

Knowing what I know now, my acne was probably caused by a lot of factors (puberty mingled with stress, bad diet, and the wrong choice of beauty products) that all contributed to the bigger picture. It's clear as day to me now that the DIY face masks and *cringe* lemon peels I was trying out back then only served to worsen the condition, instead of helping my skin heal.

All in all, I am not a skin expert, nor am I a dermatologist or licensed esthetician. I'm just someone who used to live an unhealthy lifestyle and was terribly misinformed about skin. I see the need for better skin care education because friends and family members (sometimes strangers even!) used to approach me with well-meaning advice like "wash your face with salinated water" or "try out X bar soap, I heard it's really good". Not one of all those unsolicited advice ever worked.

I started this blog in January 2019 to document my experiences about the skin care products that I've been using, the tips and techniques that I've been reading, and the methods that I've been trying in an effort to achieve healthier, happier skin. You can check out my skin profile here to find out more about my skin type and skin concerns.

I wanted to have a place I could call mine, where I could freely share all these things I've learned. Knowing how easy it is to slip into old habits like eating junk food, pulling all-nighters binge-reading fantasy novels, and literally not washing my skin for days, this blog also helps keep me motivated to do my skin care on days when I would really rather drive the bus to the cliff and go to sleep.

I already have so many things on my wish list that I'm excited to try. I invite you to ride along!

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Meanwhile, feel free to browse the blog and enjoy.

Here's to mochi-mochi (もちもち) skin! ♥

Haruna | 春奈 

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