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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Welcome to the Blog

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Oof! One day to go till February 2019 and I am already lagging behind schedule! How is everyone faring? Your year okay so far?

Back in December last year, I made myself promise to really, really, REALLY start writing some damn blog posts. I had set a schedule for myself to write ten posts this January and start spreading the word about it to family and friends. Obviously, I have failed tremendously on that front (this post is number one out of ten) as I always do on my to-do lists. Procrastination is still my mortal enemy.

Because this blog is such a long time coming. It's really fucking overdue. I'm talking months upon months of procrastination and false promises here. If procrastination was a crime, without doubt I'll end up in the Top 10 Most Wanted List.

I remember Bill Gates saying that procrastination is cool in school but not in business (link to video here). In a way, starting a blog is like starting a business too, and I need to start taking my to-do list seriously. In fact, I am currently reading Damon Zahariades's book, To-Do List Formula: A Stress-Free Guide To Creating To-Do Lists That Work! and I will post my review soon on my book blog.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting, planning and experimenting, and I'm determined to make the most of this year, despite falling flat on my goals for this month. Nevertheless, the show continues and I will try my best to catch up with my sched and do the best I can. I have fully exhausted all possible excuses not to write this and it will get published no matter how shitty it gets (I set it on auto post for 9:30 this evening, and it's currently 7:05 PM. Gotta hurry!).

My main purpose for writing this welcome post is to, aside from welcoming you, share with you some of my motivations for starting this blog. I also wanted to chat a bit about the origin of the blog name, tell you the reasons why I moved this blog from WordPress to Blogger, and talk about the topics I'll write about as well as what to expect.

So finally, here we go!

Welcome to The Kawaii Files!

Woohoo! Welcome to my little passion project! The Kawaii Files is a skin care x beauty blog curated by me, Haruna. I am a 19-year-old Song of Ice and Fire freak based in Nagoya, Japan.

Topics I Cover on This Blog

Since this is a skin care and beauty blog, you can mostly expect skin care product reviews and beauty hauls, but there's also how-to posts, makeup reviews, vanity news, beauty shopping location guides, brand reviews not limited to Asian beauty but mostly focused Japanese and Korean products, shop visits and other things related to beauty that interest me.

I'll tell you about how my skin care journey started in another post since it's an entirely different subject. But you get the idea. I LOVE skin care. Back when I was a teenager with really bad acne, I thought that my skin will always be unpredictable and whatever mood it has is out of my control. I had begun to accept that I will probably have to deal with acne for the rest of my life.

My life is so changed now ever since I discovered the Korean Skin Care routine.

It's so empowering to know that you can actually be in control of your skin. After all, it's the largest organ in your body and whatever lifestyle choices you make will reflect on the quality and state of your skin. I'm sooo loving my current skin care game and I'm literally dreaming of the day when I can finally walk the streets of Myeongdong and go on a shopping spree! I want to gorge on sheet masks and essences all day long, while experiencing the renowned spas of Seoul!

I am so excited to write about everything I've learned so far about looking after yourself and taking care of your skin. I can't wait to share with you my story, and I will update you on everything I'm up to (beauty-related) on this blog!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can subscribe via email using the form below to get notified every time I publish a new post:

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You can also follow me on Instagram where I post mini-reviews, updates, new blog post alerts and more. If IG is not your thing, you can also stay tuned via Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin', or Facebook.

Some Facts & History about The Kawaii Files 

  • This blog should have started ages ago, in October 2017. I had no money at the time so I opted for a free WordPress blog with the name Strawberry Passioned. I had originally intended it to be a skin care and depression blog. Naturally, it didn't work because I was not feeling well, meaning I was very blue and my mood was unpredictable. I couldn't bring myself to sleep, let alone write a blog post.

  • I tried to start again in February 2018. I just got accepted to a job in a cake factory and I had some cash to blow for the first time since I was thirteen. I bought the domain name chokskinned.com and saw WordPress.org for the first time. Chokskinned stems from chok chok skin which means moist skin in Korean. Sadly, I didn't have the time nor the motivation to blog during that time.

  • I quit my job in September 2018 so I could focus on blogging, while trying to break into freelance writing. I failed hahaha I did get some of my wildest ideas at this point so it's still a good thing. I couldn't shake off the feeling that I should be blogging, but I wanted a fresh start. My family had migrated to Japan around this time so I was feeling guilty about choosing a Korean word as my domain name. I figured kawaii is something both related to beauty but still Japanese, so I restarted my blogging journey with the domain name thekawaiifiles.com

  • I published my first post on November 21, 2018. It was a review of Glow Recipe's Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser, and it was more than 5000 words long. I wanted to create a really thorough breakdown of the product but I ended up being a perfectionist and being too hard on myself. That post was a lot of stress to make, and I didn't enjoy blogging at all as a result.

  • After reflecting for some time, I decided I couldn't rely on myself to stick to the goals and decisions I make. I wasn't sure if I was really up for blogging since the thought of writing just one more post makes me want to puke. I thought it wouldn't be worth it to keep paying for web hosting if I wasn't serious about my blog. I transferred to WordPress to Blogger and start over. For the last time.

So currently, my blog is officially hosted on Blogger and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm not worried anymore about paying for hosting in case I get lazy and unmotivated again. The pressure to pump out so many posts and make each and every one perfect is mostly gone. Blogging feels like a hobby again!

I learned so much from my journey and I haven't even gotten that far yet! I mean, hello, my first post isn't even published yet! (It's 8:09 PM now. I have an hour and 20 minutes to go before this post goes live!) I know a lot of people still believe in some major misconceptions about blogging. They think you just draft up whatever comes to mind and then publish that.

Sure, you could do that if it's a personal blog or something you wouldn't mind showing friends or family. For my part, though, this is more like a project to me and I like going all out on the things I care about. I am a self-professed perfectionist. Sometimes, it's an amazing quality to have. But most times it's also a pain in the ass to be one. You put yourself under so much pressure when in truth, nobody else really gives a damn. You just naturally want the very best, even if it's insignificant or impractical.

You see, one of the biggest reasons why I went from sincerely wanting to start a blog to hating the thought of starting one, is that I forgot why I wanted to do it in the first place.

This is why it's so important to know your whys when you begin anything. Back when  I was first considering a blog, my intentions were to have a place where I could share my reviews about the products I was trying. I just really wanted to have a say in the products that I use. I wanted to tell others what I thought about something and I thoroughly enjoyed putting together my opinions into a post.

There was something about collecting your thoughts, weaving them into one flowing article and putting that up on your own website that really drew me in to blogging. It's like making an artwork or compiling a portfolio and then showcasing that online for the world to see. The way I think of having a website is like having your own museum to showcase your work, and it's free for anyone who wants to visit! IDK hahaha

I still catch a whiff of sweet nostalgia when I visit my first domain on the web. Like, how cool is that?! All I wanted was to have a platform where I can express my creativity, publish away my passions and share it with other people.

I wanted to blog so much that I started one on a free WordPress plan despite having a .wordpress.com extension on the domain. Everything else didn't matter back then. When I started to write posts, I got caught up with trying to make the articles as perfect as possible.

Thinking that other people were going to read my work made me nervous and extremely critical about what I typed into the editor. I was so anxious about what people were going to think, and I spent days worrying about every little detail. I was so unhappy about my blogging experience that I just wanted to give up.

Thankfully, I didn't! It's a long story, but blogging is supposed to be an enjoyable activity. It's a cool way for people to have an online platform where their voices could be heard! There is absolutely no reason not to start a blog. It doesn't have to be perfect. The place us yours.

I love that idea. I try to remind myself that this is a journey of growth and discovery, with so many opportunities to fail, polish my craft and nurture my creativity. Yeah, that's what it's all about!!! ^_^

With that said, here are some of my major motivations for starting this blog, despite failing several times.

My motivations for starting this blog

I have three main reasons for starting The Kawaii Files:

  • To document my experiences and be able to look back in time on my journey
  • To share all the things I have learned about skin care and beauty with other people
  • To have an creative side project I can busy myself with & be proud of

I'm really excited to be starting this hobby blog where I can share reviews of beauty products I've been using, what worked and what didn't, the beauty and skin care books that I've been reading and the things I learned from them, and many more!

I've customized the design of the blog as best as I could and the only thing left to do now is to start publishing! I can't believe I'm really, finally starting after so many failed attempts. I'm so proud of myself for soldiering through despite all the hardships. I am so happy and thankful for having the courage to take steps to better myself.

I have given myself a platform, a voice in a sea of noise, and I am confident that it will open many opportunities to refine my skills and discover many more. I encourage you to follow along and hopefully start your own platform one day!

Long gone are the days when I used to rub my face with Eskinol (ugh) and use loofah to "exfoliate". For those of you who don't know, Eskinol is really a rubbing alcohol masquerading itself as a "toner". (HA! I just hated on a product! That's another first for the blog!)

I've had my own share of good and bad skin days, and I am so ready to take things up a notch. My skin care journey has progressed so much and the way that I approach my skin has taken the turn for the better.

It's really been a long time coming, but finally it's really here! Again, welcome to the files :)

In my next posts, I'll be talking about my skin care goals for 2019 and my empties for the month of January. Meanwhile, you might want to check out my About page to find out more about me, my Wish List page to see the products I want to try, or my Skin Profile page to read about my skin concerns.

Till next time!



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